Friday, May 28, 2010

Allow Me to Clarify

So I recently had a conversation that sort of upset me. It went something like this:

Friend: What are you doing home on a Saturday night?
Me: Excuse me? I am home every Saturday night. And Friday too, for that matter.
Friend: You're young! Go out. Live life. When did you become such an old man?
Me: Um, when I stopped getting a paycheck.
Friend: Oh come on - surely you can afford to splurge once in a while.
Me: I do. Once a week. It's called filling my gas tank.
Friend: Oh stop. Can't be that bad. Don't you have savings?

You get the point...

As a result of this conversation, I realized some people just don't get it. This is by no means an insult to my friend; however, unless you are truly in it, you don't understand.

So, allow me to share what unemployment means for me:
1. Living at home (yes, I admit it)
2. Selling my car
3. No health/dental insurance
4. Not taking medication I am supposed to be taking
5. Canceling my personal trainer
6. Telling people no when I'm invited out
7. Taking detours to avoid paying tolls
8. Selling anything I can on, even if it is something I still want
9. Borrowing and borrowing and borrowing money from relatives
10. Cutting my own hair (hence the buzz cut)
11. Refilling the same Deer Park bottle each day before working out - (Yes, I kept my gym membership. I have to do SOMETHING)
12. Waiting to get my CVS coupons before buying any of the necessities
13. Using my credit card to accumulate points that I can redeem for gift cards
14. Wearing clothes/shoes that have seen better days
15. Not spending money on "frills." This includes, but is not limited to, going to the movies, vacationing, eating out, concerts, going to bars (unless it happens to be dollar night, and then maybe I'll consider making an exception), etc.

And you know what? I'm not complaining. Really. I have gotten used to it. I have come to accept the way things are and make the best of the situation. I'm provided with plenty of writing time to work on my book, and that my friends, is free. No, it isn't ideal, but this situation is currently beyond my control. I don't ask for sympathy; I don't ask for handouts. I just ask for a little understanding. Hopefully things will turn around one day.

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  1. Now I feel really bad about that U2 concert because you spent money on it and they aren't performing until next year.


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