Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere

Every author has designed a customized writing process that works for them. For me, I always begin a writing session, regardless of how long I plan to work, by acquiring a bit of inspiration. I rely on the books I am reading, movies I've watched, songs on the radio - pretty much anything I can look at for about fifteen minutes that will get me pumped and put me get "in the zone."

This week, I found two video clips that really motivated me. I love the concept of unknown people who wake up one day and get to live their dream. That is why I am such a fan of shows like Idol - because essentially, those contestants are just regular people who have received their first opportunity. I love watching their journey and thinking one day, it could happen to me. It helps me remain hopeful that eventually, I will see my name printed on the cover of a novel.

Please check out the two videos below. I don't think it is possible to argue the amount of talent each of these individuals possess. All things aside, these performances are incredible!

Weekly Goals:
1. Finalize chapters 4 and 5 (almost there....just a bit more sculpting....)
2. Still need to wash that car....
3. 5 hardcore gym workouts (did 4 this past week - not too shabby)
4. Do some personal reading (Didn't do much this past week - not enough hours in the day)
5. Go for a run, especially now that the weather is nice!
6. 10 new facebook friends

Teaching Resource of the Week:

Persuasion Map: Online, interactive graphic organizer. Kids can use this tool to map out an argument in preparation for a persuasive essay. Their thoughts are automatically organized and they can print it out. The only downfall is their work cannot be saved, so it is important they finish and print before exiting the site.

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