Saturday, October 9, 2010

Novel Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in my third giveaway.  Since I really enjoyed your comments and appreciate your participation and support beyond words, I decided to give away all five prize packages instead of just picking three.

So, the lucky five people receiving five new novels are:
  • Michelle of Yardley, PA: Classics
  • Vita of Hatboro, PA: Best Sellers
  • Marie of Reading, PA: Book Store Favorites
  • Courtney of Westhampton, NJ: Before the Movie
  • Nicole of Hatboro, PA: Young Adult
Thank you again to all who participated.  Please continue visiting my blog to check out my latest posts, remain updated on my penning novel, and to learn about future contests and giveaways.  Have a great idea for a contest?  Send it my way!

Also, be sure to look for upcoming posts from my first series of Guest Bloggers later this month.  Stop in to meet and hear from some of the people who are editing and critiquing my work.  And, come November, I will be naming one male and one female Role Model of the Year for 2010.  More details on that coming soon!!!


  1. Yay! I won!!!! :) That's a good way to start the morning!!!

  2. So sorry I just got in on this!! : ( Will be better tuned in. (or at least I'll try)
    Awesome to hear you're in the final lap of the race! Go Paul Go! I'm cheering for you and holding a cup of water for you. : )))

  3. Curious....which book package is your favorite?

  4. Thank you Mrs. Fun. Hopefully I get that cup of water before it becomes evaporated. If I had to pick a favorite package, I would have to go with the young adult novels, even though my days as a young adult are getting further and further behind me. I just really enjoy the genre, which I guess is why I decided to write it. I feel a lot of gifted authors have tackled this genre recently, and their stories are both educational and engaging. I see the quality increasing as time goes on. And of course, I love being able to fly through them so quickly ;)


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