Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 10 Follow-up Plus Jaded Joe's Success

So I have to say, I'm excited by the hits and feedback my top ten lists received this week.  In fact, I'm so excited, I've decided to start a new monthly tradition on my blog. 

From this point forward, I will post a new top ten list on the tenth of every month.  I've started keeping a list of categories to cover, but if you have an idea, please send it my way!

Or, better yet, make your own list and I will feature it on my blog.  Seriously!  And here is proof I'm good for my word:

A good friend of mine sent me an e-mail after reading my post Sunday night.  My blog inspired her to create several of her own lists.  Below are some of my favorites from what she sent:

****REMEMBER: These are not my lists!!***

Top 10 things I have done while (hopefully) watching and waiting for the Phillies to move to the Division Championship (Update for anyone who lives in a hole: they did in fact win!!!)

1. Had 2 glasses of wine (Don't worry; she is 21)
2, Ate 2 kinds of cheese
3. Tucked my girls into bed
4. Looked up what a male castrated cow is called (it's a steer)
5. Played words with friends (with me, FYI...)
6. Realized it was 10-10-10 after reading your blog
7. Grabbed [my dog's] bedtime biscuits
8. Downloaded a tile slide puzzle ap on my Itouch
9. Cursed mentally at my TIVO for changing channels during the game
10. Contemplated washing dishes while wondering what HODS are (one of my Words with Friends words)

Top 10 things I'd agree completely with from your lists (meaning mine)

1. Gary Puckett
2. Dusty Springfield (no shock here)
3. Nachos grande
4. Loaded cheese fries
5. I will also eat an entire bag of any kind of chips
6. Friends
7. Full House (another shocker)
8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (saw it in the theater when it came out--love it)
9.Musical movies
10. Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Top 10 songs I would download right now if I could spend money

1. Animal-Neon trees
2. Misery- Maroon 5--I knew you'd like this one-I can picture you singing it often--I do--gets stuck in your head "why do you do what 'cha ya do to me?"
3. If It's Love-Train
4. Breakeven- The Script
5. Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars
6. As She's Walkin' Away-Zach Brown Band (country)
7. In the middle--Jimmy Eat World
8. Why Don't We Just Dance? Josh Turner (country)
9. Mine-Taylor Swift
10. Boots On--Randy Houser (country)

Top 10 songs I will always leave on if I hear them on the radio

1. Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
2. I'm Yours-Jason Mraz (a good pick, I must say)
3. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough--Don Henley
4. I Can't Make You Love Me (If You Don't)-- Bonnie Rait
5. Heart of the Matter-- Don Henley
6.Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler
7. Insensitive--Jane Arden
8. When I'm With You- Sheriff
9. Read My Mind-The Killers
10. At This Moment-- Billy Vera and the Beaters--this song is frickin' awesome

Top 10 movies

1. The Sound of Music
2. Amelie
3. Lady and the Tramp
4. Memento (this should have been on my other list)
5. Pride and Prejudice ( the one with Keira Knightley)
6. Love Actually
7. The Piano
8. Now, Voyager (Old Betty Davis movie)
9. Field of Dreams
10. Anchorman

Thank you, friend, for submitting.

In other news, the Jaded Joe's (my fantasy football team) did very very very well last week.  In fact, even with an unfortunate injury, we managed to surpass (by quite a bit) our projected stats.  I'm very proud - could we possibly be making a comeback???  Nice work, gentlemen!

Guest bloggers coming soon - Stay tuned and meet some of my editors and critics!

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