Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writing Distraction #828: Fantasy Football

By now most of you know I was sucked into joining a fantasy football league this year for the first time ever.  I had absolutely no interest in doing it, but when I saw the pot, I had to go for it.  Unemployment (without actually being paid unemployment) makes a person try just about anything.  Besides, life is boring these days.  I needed something to pass the time.

For having no idea what I was doing, I ended up with a decent team.  Having first pick was pretty awesome, as it landed me Chris Johnson.  Of course I then had to wait 23 turns before picking again, making my choices for QB somewhat limited.  Eh, whatever.  Can't have everyone.

But despite a decent team, I had some devastating bad breaks.  In week one, I was projected to win.  And I would have, had it not been for the Percy Harvin debacle, which cost me a loss by less than 3 points.  Week two was just an extremely bad week, and week three I lost by five points.  Honestly, I would rather have lost by 50; five points or less just makes my blood boil.

Then things turned around.  For two consecutive weeks, I scored the most points in the league.  And then came week six.  Holy anxiety, Batman!

At the end of Sunday, I had a 40 point deficit.  We played Tony Romo, who scored 29.00 fantasy points.  My TE got a concussion, my QB had four points at the half, and I had two guys benched who did phenomenal.  Go figure. 

But then, Chris Johnson performed a fantasy miracle.  Along with my kicker and one defensive player, who is pretty darn good, they recovered my deficit and put me in the lead, allowing my third win by eight points.  Pretty sweet!

This week will be a tad tough, as two of my top players have their bye week.  However, I just picked up this guy, and if he plays like this, things could go very well.  We'll see.

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