Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Humor

Because sometimes, we just need to laugh.

Hopefully you can find a few to appreciate.  And hopefully, my sense of humor doesn't offend anyone.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


  1. I agree, that last one is great! Also like the reindeer measuring Santa's fat a** ! :)

  2. Those were really funny, especially the one about the snow cone stand!

  3. haha!! That is well funny :) I love the pigeon one!

    Great blog, Paul.

  4. Glad that everyone is enjoying these as much as I did. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to go with the last one as well.

  5. What does one do for an encore? I see humor in a tweet, I'm drawn in, then again, I think @billzucker and @stephenthomas15 are funny. I once tweeted about not kissing aunt marge under the mistletoe and got heckled by tweeters. If tweeting humor is stand up, I guess blogging cartoons is like "let's run a clip"? I can't really say which one was funniest, since they were all pretty bad, but since you are an ex teacher, I'll give you a B minus. Contact @daveyhatesmith on Twitter, he might have a few choice words as well. When you have your book ready to go, contact me, I'll give it such rave reviews, you'll go back to teaching.

    I appreciate your posting, and I appreciate you. Sir Samuel Zeus Clemons I tweet at Samuel_Clemons Editor/Author

  6. Well, now I know where I'm hanging the mistletoe this year.


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