Friday, December 10, 2010

Top Ten on the Tenth: Christmas Songs

With the holiday season among us, it seemed appropriate correlating this month's top ten list to one of my favorite seasons.  True, it has been challenging uncovering the Christmas spirit lately, but the holidayhas always been an exciting time for my family, so I'm doing my best.  Promise.

I grew up with a mother who was a tad obsessed with Christmas.  Okay, she's nuts.  Shortly after Halloween, the house begins making the transformation into a Winter Wonderland.  Every picture, centerpiece, and table cloth was replaced with a festive decoration.  Each room had a tree; each tree had a theme.  She does a great job.  I'll post pictures at some point.

Needless to say, I have many memorable holidays.  And even with all the struggles and challenges many of us are facing, I try to stop and remember the magic this season holds.  My memories help; the music helps more.

This month, I've composed a list of my favorite Christmas songs.  Aside from being outstanding arrangements, each of these songs is associated with a specific memory.  The older I become, the more I appreciate these memory joggers - songs that remind me of my most cherished holiday memories.  Times I can recall with a smile; times before I entered adulthood.  Secretly, I wish I could return to these moments.  Not permanently, of course.  Just long enough to remember the magic.

Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

1.  Christmas Eve Sarajevo by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
2.  Do They Know It's Christmas Band Aid
3.  Mary Did You Know by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd
4.  Where Are You Christmas by Faith Hill
5.  The Magic of Christmas Day by Celine Dion
6.  An Evening in December by First Call
7.  Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) by Mariah Carey
8.  All I Want For Christmas Is You by Vince Vance
9.  Last Christmas by Wham (though I'm digging the Glee version, too.  Yes, I'm a nerd.  It's okay.)
10.  Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You by Billy Squier

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Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Good blog. I am not much of a holidays person but the time of year does remind us all to be merry and thankful for things we do have, our lives, our families, friends, happy memories. We need a reminder now and then, especially in these hard times, that are always some positives in life to help us get through the negatives. Have a very merry Christmas Paul.

  2. I agree - it's always helpful to be reminded of the positives, even if we end up forgetting again. The world is filled with so much negativity; we all need a good distraction by whatever can do the job. Thanks for visiting.


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