Friday, January 14, 2011

Who you calling a stylish blogger?

Thanks to both Quinn and Alex for honoring me with my very first blog award.  And, thank you even more for helping take care of my latest post.  It doesn't get much easier. 

I'm not typically a fan of talking about myself, but I do think it's fun to share some interesting tidbits every now and then.  So, today's post is going to be one of those "all in good fun" posts.  If you're looking for something deeper, feel free to move on.

To accept this award I have to:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award. (CHECK)
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Pass the award on to ten recently discovered bloggers. Contact them and let them know they have been nominated.

Alright; here goes nothing:

1.  My favorite childhood TV show was Kids Incorporated.  Yes, I'm serious.  You wanna make something of it???

2.  I was born in Long Island, NY.  At the age of seven, my family moved to Louisville, KY where I remained until the conclusion of my ninth grade year.  I consider it my hometown, as I spent the majority of my childhood in that location.  To this day, I believe Louisville is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and for this reason, I selected it as the setting for my first W.I.P.  Although I can't speak for the entire southern region, I am offended by the stereotypes people hold of Louisville.  It's far more metropolitan then people care to realize.  And I don't really care for the jokes, either. 

3.  Despite being from Louisville, I am a hardcore Kentucky Wildcats fan.  Just sayin'...

4.  I like to eat.  A LOT.  I blame the Italian DNA.  One of my favorite things to do is go out and try different restaurants.  I have a huge weakness for wings.  And chips, dips, nachos, and ice cream.  Generally speaking, I prefer "snack foods" to sweets.  But if you hand me a container of ice cream, I'll eat the entire carton.  I'm not even sure I would need a spoon.

5.  In high school, the only book I read in its entirety was Catcher in the Rye.  All the required books sucked.  Ten years later, they continue to suck for others.  I'll be blogging about curriculum reform in the near future.

6. About four months after graduating from college, I won $1000 from a radio station in a "Pay Your Bills" contest.  It was one of those situations where I was bored at work, signed up online, and never thought I would win.  The DJ would call names over the air, and the winner would have ten minutes to call the station and claim their prize.  At the age of 22, I'm sure they selected me for the 6AM hour under the assumption I would be sleeping and never hear the announcement.  What they didn't know was I had just received my first teaching gig and had already been up a good half-hour. 

The interesting thing was, I barely listened to the radio while I got ready.  I'm one of those guys who sleeps until the last second possible and rushes myself out the door.  It just so happened that, for whatever reason, I was up on time that day.  I was beyond nervous when I called in because I didn't want to be embarrassed on the air.  Thankfully, it wasn't that bad, and I payed off my VISA balance of $950!

7.  Here's a weird one for ya!  I become unbelievably uncomfortable when things are fiercely blowing around in my presence.  No lie.  I can't watch balloons blowing in the air when they are tied to a mailbox.  I can't watch wind chimes dangling from a tree branch.  And I could never hang my tassels from my rear view mirror because it would drive me crazy when they started flopping around.  I know - I don't get it either.  This has just been one of those odd things that makes me shiver.    I'm not afraid of it; it just makes me uncomfortable.  I find it unsettling.  I assume it's linked to my perfectionism or OCD when it comes to organization, but I really don't know. 

Alright, now I'm supposed to pass this on to ten recently discovered bloggers.  Well, I don't really have ten recently discovered bloggers, and those I do have already received this award.  But, I promised I wouldn't cop out on my first award, so I'm passing it to some people outside my main network if that's okay. 

1.  Courtney @ It's Only 90 Days
2.  Diana @ Diana Writes
3.  Michelle and Anton @ Alalune

Have a great weekend, all!



  1. Kids Incorporated was the precursor to Glee.

    Breakfast Every Hour

  2. K. I. D. S. Loved that show. Good times.
    I worked for UPS here in Sacramento, CA for about 9 years. I worked with the next day air packages. We always had to hear about Louisville. Of course, everyone always pronounced it in a funny way. It would have sounded like "Low-vull" (really slurred, jumbled). So is that how the 'locals' pronounce it?

  3. Huh. That's really different about the hanging things! Congrats on your award!!

  4. That's so funny about Kids Incorporated. I loved that one too, but I would have to say, my all time favorite was the show Ghost Writer. Does anyone remember that one? I'm not sure what it was, but I had tons and tons of VHS tapes recorded of the show.

    Your book comment...I am pretty sure I either did the Cliff Notes to most of the books or looked up a quick plot online or something. I just wasn't interested at the time.

    Ok. I thought I was the only one. Things hanging from rear view mirrors - kinda awkward feeling. Wind chimes are annoying to me and the whole balloon's in the wind stuff...yea, not my cup of tea. Actually, you know when the car dealerships have them attached to the cars? I keep having thoughts of sneaking up there one night and cutting them all loose. I'm right there with you on this one...

    BTW, My Italian herritage is the reason I have a goal of losing 4 lbs a month this year #CarbsWILLBeTheDeathOfMe ;)

  5. Yikes...there is only one 'r' in heritage. Come on fingers; get with the program!

  6. Alex - I'd have to agree with you, bro. I suppose that would be why that is one of my current guilty pleasures.

    Scott - Honestly, only a handful of the people I've crossed paths with say it correctly. Most mispronounce it, though the majority of the natives say it correctly. I'm used to hearing loo-ee-vill, but it should be loo-i-vul.

    Colene - Thank you! Yes, it's a pretty odd character trait - I'll admit that.

    Sal - Well, there really is nothing I can say other then we must be related haha. I have NEVER met anyone in my life who understood my little issue, and I've spent my life thinking I was the only one. Honestly, I don't even know how to explain it to people. In the summer, I actually avoid the gym on Thursdays. They have some sort of "special" and they always hang balloons along the railings. I can't be there. I LOVE your idea, because car dealerships are the WORST. Ah, I'm not alone. We should coin a term for our condition.

    Good luck with your weight goal. I don't have a set number, but I'm right there with you. I've been working on this for years. Carbs are the worst - but oh so good. It's tough, but determination goes along way. Keep me posted.

    And I survived high school via Just sayin...

  7. Nice to know more about you! The last one especially is very interesting. I can relate as far as having something hanging from the rearview mirror--ugh. Too distracting to have it bobbling while I'm driving.

    Congratz on the award!!

  8. Hello,

    Congratulations on your award! Kids Incorporated was a very good show if you ask me. Good job on the $1000 after college! I wish I was that lucky.

  9. Thank you, Carol. Always excited to see you stop by.

    Hello, W.B.! Nice to meet you. Thanks so much for joining us. I get so excited to log in and meet new visitors. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


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