Friday, February 25, 2011

Mark Your iPad: JMT Week Begins Here This Monday!

I've always been a team player.  As far as I'm concerned, one of the greatest opportunities in life is the ability to meet and interact with different people, learn from one another, and help each other out. 

As a teacher, my most memorable moments occurred not inside my classroom, but when I joined forces with amazing colleagues.  Whether we were performing in the Halloween assembly, posing as pilots to 'fly' our kids around the world, or knighting the students during our cross-curricular unit on the Middle Ages, I loved working with these people.  It's what I miss most about teaching.

Writing is quite the opposite.  We sit at our computers, alone, spitting words into a document. The amount of time we spend interacting and collaborating is, for the most part, minimal compared to other professions.  Thankfully, in 2011, we have social networking to bring us together.  Quite honestly, I can't imagine the loneliness of writing prior to the Internet.  And coming from a self-proclaimed loner, that certainly says something.

Anyone who has experienced a period of unemployment understands the shift it brings to your quality of life.  When you genuinely enjoy reporting to work and seeing your colleagues, it can mess you up when that component is suddenly removed from your routine.  It is this reason, more than any other, I am beyond appreciative for my writing friends.  I consider myself blessed and privileged to be part of their journey, and benefit tremendously from having them involved in mine. 

This past fall, I crossed online paths with a 'rockstar' named JM Tohline.  By rockstar, I mean one of the most talented young writers to enter the profession.  He's a brilliant mind who produces brilliant work.  His blog provides valuable knowledge as I attempt to follow his lead and break into the industry.  And yet, for reasons I don't understand, he seems to think I'll be able to do it.

When we were introduced, Jordan had already secured a publishing deal for his debut novel, The Great Lenore.  Yet, despite the fact he was completing the ninth inning as I began the first, we connected.  He has become my greatest role model; my literary hero, if you will.  Accomplishing so much at a young age is inspiring.  The fact he extends his support in my direction is humbling.  And though I will never be skilled enough to play on the same field as Jordan, I like to picture a day I can at least play nearby. 

The Great Lenore will be available for pre-order this coming Tuesday.  In honor of my awesome friend and his big moment, I'm excited to announce that JMT Week begins on my blog this Monday at 6AM.  Five days dedicated entirely to Jordan, his book, and celebrating his accomplishment.

So, my friends, please plan accordingly.  What exactly is JMT Week?  Here is the breakdown:

Monday, 2/28: The Great Lenore Giveaway Begins!  Stop in and learn how, in less than a minute, you can be entered to win a FREE copy of JMT's debut - my personal gift to one lucky winner. 

Tuesday, 3/1: The Great Lenore is available for pre-order.

Wednesday, 3/2: #WW Featured Writer: J.M. Tohline (Blog spotlight)

Thursday, 3/3: TGL Awareness Day (Info. to come later)

Friday, 3/4: Winner of giveaway announced; date for next Lenore giveaway revealed.

Feeling helpful?  Spread the word!  Let's make this guy a best seller!! 

Have a question for Jordan?  Leave it below and I'll include it in my interview.

Have a good weekend, all.  Hope to see everyone here on Monday!


  1. What a cool cover for the Great Lenore. It's looks like a cover that would be used on the re-release of a great classic. Very cool.

  2. JM is awesome. So cool to hear you guys have connected. There is nothing better than having human support in this journey.

  3. That's awesome you found a kindred spirit and friend - and you're supporting him. And I just so happen to HAVE an iPad to mark!

  4. So awesome that you lend your support to other writers. That is one of the things which will help you on your own journey, Paul.

  5. You are indeed the kind of friend an upcoming writer needs. And you've swayed me. I visited his site, read the sample, left a comment, and have added the announcement to my post for this coming Tuesday. Nice job Paul.

    Tossing It Out

  6. I gotta tell you (and I was just telling Steve this,) you have really hooked me on this book. I find the premise fascinating and actually can't wait to read it (Whoa, Courtney is actually going to read a book!) So, I will try to either win it from you or purchase it when it comes out. By the way, almost done with yours??? :)

  7. What fantastic support and a great example of the way writers can support each other. I'll be back all week!

  8. I can totally relate to this post, having made that transition from working closely with other teachers to working mostly on my own as a writer. It's very cool that you've found a friend and mentor of sorts in Jordan!

  9. Writing is a lonely business, but like you said, it doesn't have to be with the joys of social networking. You have a great week lined up this week :)


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