Monday, February 14, 2011

Progress Report, Plus Write Hard Award

First, allow me to sincerely thank everyone who commented on my recent blog post.  I tried to personally thank each of you for your time and input, but in the event I missed you, please know your thoughts are appreciated.  I got some stellar feedback providing important points to consider.  Thanks, friends.

Yesterday I hit a milestone.  Somewhere in the five o'clock hour, I finished writing the draft of chapter 21.  My regular readers can testify how hellish this chapter has been - I began in November and it gave me a run for my money ever since.  I can't blame writer's block.  I knew what needed to be written but severely struggled in doing so.  Distractions presented themselves.  The holidays disrupted my flow and the brutal weather hasn't been much help.  Shoveling takes time.  Plus, it's physically draining. 

Getting through it was a good feeling.  I've never been so excited to have written pure crap.  Now, I'm back in the game.

I started a new routine today.  By new, I mean I set up a routine I plan to follow diligently.  No more waking up whenever I feel like it and no more staying up late for the hell of it.  My daily activities now have a designated time slot - meals, writing, working out, social networking, and sleeping have all been accounted for.  I even included personal time to catch up on the books and films I've neglected to experience.  We'll see how long this lasts.

Yesterday concluded with a bit of a personal high for me.  As if completing the immortal chapter wasn't enough, Liza Kane ironically tagged me with the perfect award to reflect the obstacles I've been facing.  Since I appreciate the recognition and consider it an honor, I'll be passing it on.  Of course, should those people choose not to, I will not be offended.  To each his own.  Lame or not, since when do I skip opportunities to brag on my awesome friends?!

The rules for when you win:

1. Post the picture above to your blog.

2. List at least three writers who you feel live up to the “write hard” spirit. Think: writers who work at their craft, writers who never give up despite the odds, writers who constantly turn out quality work. Writers you admire. Optional: explain why you think they are awesome.

3. Include these rules or a link to them.

4. Notify said writers of their victory. Ask them to pass on the torch.

5. Continue being awesome.

I'm passing this award to the following fellow writers:

1.  Austin James - because over the past few months, he has poured his heart and soul into developing his blog and helping it grow.  It shows.  Personally, I think it's off the hook.  I admire his ability to write quality posts on relevant writing issues and provide us a forum to learn.  And he's a nice guy.

2.  D.L. King - because she has devoted her entire self to being the best writer she can be.  She has accomplished a number of manuscripts for her age and everything she does is stamped with her best effort.  She is one of the most supportive people in the writing community, and she's a super cool gal.

3.  Draven Ames - because everything this guy does screams quality.  I admire his dedication, passion, and perseverance.  His work reflects his intelligence and philosophical approach to life.  I respect his ability to view the positives and lessons presented in every situation.  Draven is a man of character.  He's a good friend to me and I'm lucky to have his support.

4.  Michael Lockhart - because anything stating admiration in the criteria will go to this guy.  He's deep, he's passionate, and he is one of the most brilliant people I know.  I respect him for the person he is and his outlook on life.  He gets me thinking and helps me reflect.  His words bleed insight; the guy is awesome.

5.  Josh Weed - because the guy is both amazing and dedicated.  I can't imagine working his job and still devoting adequate time to writing - and slaughtering me in facebook scrabble.  I admire Josh for his humor; he makes me laugh.  He's an outstanding storyteller who draws his readers in and incorporates his unique personality attributes.  And he's an awesome friend.  I'm really proud of this guy; he's got pure talent.


  1. That is the coolest award graphic I've seen yet. Congrats Paul!

  2. Congrats on your award and finishing chapter 21!

  3. Congratulations! Glad you finished the chapter.

  4. Paul. Paul. Paul. Let me count thy ways you rock. Thanks for honoring me again and congrats on your chapter! Keep going and an oxygen machine will be in your future. ;)

  5. Thanks for the kind words. This is an awesome graphic.

  6. Wow man, I am seriously honored. Thanks for such kind words. I was having a bummer of a night writing wise, and stumbling on this made my day. You're awesome.

  7. First, congratulations on finishing chapter 21. I can't believe it was this long. I'm getting on you if you don't have 22 done within the week. Need to bounce ideas anytime, let me know.

    Second, I was reading the award and thinking "This will be the perfect time to spotlight Paul." Then saw you had me on there. Thank you so much. So honored, I had to reply from my phone.

  8. Thanks, Brother. You always pick the best times for these things. It's a gift, seriously. And this graphic is way cooler than the sparkly blog award thingy...

    Plus, it gives me a good motivation to post something, something I needed. :)

  9. Congrats! I'm learning to structure my time too! I have to in an attempt to fit in all my interests.

    Breakfast Every Hour


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