Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW Feature: Congratulations Wendy Sparrow and Cory Jackson

Two women. Two days. Two success stories.

Happy Wednesday!  It's been an eventful week in the writing community.  Today, I'm posting a 'double feature', as I've stumbled upon two very different stories every writer dreams of.

Wendy / Sparrowbug
First, congratulations to Wendy Sparrow who just announced her representation with Sarah Yake of the Frances Collin Literary Agency.  She has graduated from the emotional stage of querying and begins the next phase of her journey toward publication.  Cheers to you, Wendy!

In her recent blog post, Wendy shared the following:

"For those that don't know, this has been a long two and a half years for me, and I just wanted to give up on traditional publishing
 just a month ago.
I should know by now how important the journey is, though...."

Her words deliver a powerful message.  Not only are they aligned with the emotions every writer wrestles, they reiterate the importance of perseverance.  I've always believed the best news arrives at the time it is intended; Wendy's story reaffirms that philosophy, and also reminds us the journey is an experience in itself.

In her blogger profile, Wendy describes herself as a professional insomniac and hopeful writer.  It looks as though she is now one giant step closer to removing the word 'hopeful.'

To join Wendy on the rest of her publication journey, visit her blog or follow her on twitter.

Cory JacksonOn the other end of the spectrum, YA author Corrine 'Cory' Jackson received what she described as "the best Valentine's Day present EVER."  Her YA contemporary, If I Lie, will debut from Simon Pulse in the fall of 2012.  If you get a chance, hop on over to her blog and read her entertaining and inspirational post outlining her road to publication.  Kudos, Ms. Jackson!  I am pumped to read your words!!

She's a friendly gal who, like all writers, has been through every stage of the process - including rejection, doubt, and fear.  Her story reminds us these feelings are normal, but it is by no means define our journey and career in writing.  Cory's success story inspires me to work through those moments I don't feel worthy.  Again, I encourage you to visit her blog for a more detailed synopsis of how this big moment came to be.

Cory is repped by Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency.  She has been interviewed on QueryTracker and posted a guest blog on  Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog.  She is also active on twitter.


  1. Thanks for the congrats and the link! :)

  2. Wow... thanks for this wonderful post and link. This is really awesome. It's starting to feel "real." Thank you.

  3. Awesome post about two awesome ladies! I have been lurking on Wendy and Cory and think it is just so wonderful for both of them. CHEERS!!

  4. Congrats all around! And thank you, Paul, for being a spreader of good news.


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