Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congratulations, Jamie Manning! (And A Brief Update On Me, Too)

Before I begin, please join me in congratulating the talented Mr. Jamie Manning, who learned yesterday his YA Paranormal series will be released by Pendrell Publishing beginning Spring 2012.  Three cheers for Jamie, who is nice and cool and awesome, just to be clear.  I'm hoping to host a celebratory event in Jamie's honor as early as May.  I'll keep you posted!

Now me.  (Remember, the 'X' is located in the upper right-hand corner.)

It was a productive weekend.  I sat down with the intention writing what I thought was the end of chapter 23.  As the dialogue progressed, a supporting character grabbed the protagonist and said three words: come with me.

Holy epiphany, Batman!

That statement changed everything.  For one, I realized I was actually writing the beginning of chapter 24 - which means I now have a blasted hole to fill in, but whatever - I'll deal with that later. 

But, even better, those words dramatically altered the climax of the story.  What I thought happened is entirely different from what did happen.  The story evolved on its own; it's what needed to happen.  The characters have moved in the most appropriate direction, and at this point, I'm simply along for the ride.

I've put myself on a strict schedule, one that begins around 6:30 AM and goes until my body collapses wherever I happen to be.  Last night, it was at the local Borders.  True story.  Thankfully, it was in one of those comfy leather chairs.  (Yesterday, I pulled a doubleheader...)

Today, I took the the morning off, seeing as I'm plagued by exhaustion, a tad hungry, and in desperate need of a shave.  Believe me, if I think so, it's pretty bad.  My new routine is working, but it's tiring nevertheless. 

And so, I should apologize for my fading online presence.  I have not disappeared, nor am I ignoring my awesome writing companions.  I just want to get this thing finished - it's been a long eighteen months.  Throughout April, I imagine you will see less of me in the Twitter stream and blogosphere.  That's a good thing; it means I'm focused.  It's also a good thing because you will not have to bypass my tweets for important updates on @charliesheen or the @bronxzooscobra.  Your timeline will be clutter free!

I'm planning to keep up with my personal posts (seeing as I signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I really have no choice, though don't be surprised if I miss a day or three each week.  You can snark at me, or you can recognize I'm aware I failed miserably and simply move to the next blog.  I understand.)  But, I may not get around to visiting other blogs as often as I normally do.  I will try my best, but please understand I'm really determined to finish this manuscript.

So, my friends, please be patient as I crank out these last few chapters.  I'll be back soon enough!

And good luck to my fellow challenge participants.  I do look forward to reading as many of your posts as possible when time permits.


  1. Congrats to Jamie Manning :)

    I love those moments Paul when the story takes on a life of it's own.

    Hang on tight, and ride that sucker out!

  2. Paul - I don't even know what to say. Thanks so much for the congrats and the, sir, are awesome!

  3. Congratulations to Jamie. Brace yourself for April - we've 865+ signed up for the Challenge!

  4. Ian - Nothing makes me happier than when the character screams through the computer and tells me, "Hey! I'm the boss!" It makes me feel like I've done something right.

    Jamie - You don't have to say anything. You can, however, send me an ARC as soon as possible ;) KIDDING! Seriously, you deserve this. It's YOUR moment. Enjoy every second.

    Alex - I'm excited to see how the challenge goes. But I may get you for this....


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