Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gas Humor

This is one of my 'Just For Fun' posts.  If you've come looking for substance, you are in the wrong place.  Actually, you are always in the wrong place, but this time, more so than usual.

Two days ago, I headed to the gas pump where I was charged $3.779/gallon, a rather steep hike from the $3.289 I paid during my last fill up.  I'll admit, I don't fill my tank as often as I once did, so it could have been that high for longer than I realize.  But, regardless, I was unprepared.  And as my palpitations escalated to an uncomfortable level, I was reminded of an e-mail a co-worker sent back in 2008.

Lucky for you, I saved it.  So today, in honor of my recent gas-attack, I'm sharing a little something to make light of the situation.  Perhaps you've seen it before.  If not, I say it's worth a glance.  I'm a fan of using humor to get through the tough times, especially those we cannot control.

On that note, I believe I'll be turning in early tonight.  I have ambitious plans for the next two days.  I'll be hitting the gym around 6 AM so I can get home and still commit a solid four hours to the manuscript before the March Madness games begin.  Last year, I didn't write a word for the duration of the tournament.  If I stick to my plan, it will be nice having the afternoons free, and not having the guilt of avoiding my writing.

My blood runs blue this weekend!


  1. My application at the pump would promptly be declined. Good stuff.

  2. The scary part is that was back in 2008. They're predicting well over $4 by summer. I think I'm going to be hiking a whole lot more than road tripping. Thanks for the smile! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Gotta start taking the bus... That's where I get 90% of my reading done too... and if you think people watching at coffee shops is fun, the bus is a goldmine.

  4. Hilarious! Loved this, thanks for the laugh.

  5. Only thing missing from your line up is the gas prices that read as follows:

    Regular: Arm.99
    Super: Leg.99
    Premium: First born child.99


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