Friday, April 15, 2011

"M" Is For Management

Writing is simply one thing on my list of things to do each day.  It fights a number of bullets for time, including reading, blogging, social networking, chores, eating, and sleeping.  The majority of unpublished authors have full-time jobs.  Many have children to raise.  Some are involved in community organizations.  Some may even be working two jobs during these tough economic times.

Writing is not something we want squeezed into our schedule.  We need to take our time; rushing does not allow us to produce our best work.  Writing requires focus and concentration.  Interruptions must be avoided.  Many writers wake up ridiculously early to ensure uninterrupted time before the day begins.  Others stay up late, fighting off exhaustion to meet a word count goal. 

For me, having a set routine has been necessary.  I can't be flexible with my time.  If I wake up and tell myself I have all day to write, I find myself sitting down for dinner having accomplished nothing.

But, not everyone is in a position where they can follow a daily routine.  Jobs, families, and prior commitments tend to get in the way.  Time management is a skill that seems to become more difficult the older we get.

Where does writing fit into your daily schedule?  What are your biggest time management obstacles?


  1. Paul, this is a great little post because I have all the same thoughts. I too have separate work teaching English, a young daughter with another on the way, and a family to look after. Writing has taken a back seat really, as I find it tough to first, have the time, and second, to put myself in a position to receive inspiration for my writing.

    I can only write on inspiration and inspiration has no timetable!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. My biggest time management obstacles are social networking (including blogging) and general distractions. I do ok when I have a set schedule. At the moment I don't have one and I don't get a lot done at all. I need to set up my schedule again.

  3. Having a set routine is essential if you want to handle a large project such as writing a book. I have no special timetable, but as a retiree I do fill up my days with lots of mostly short-term projects. When I had a job, it was critical for me to schedule my free time.

  4. It's easier to schedule your time if you have a job. If not, you may think you have all the time in the world. You don't!

    Good post.

  5. I really struggle when my kids want my attention the moment i feel like I have to get something down on paper.

  6. "Management" caught my attention here since most of my jobs have involved management. I am currently unemployed, but if I still had my previous job writing would often be very difficult since my job required so much of my time and energy. Now not working, I find myself not doing as well as I could managing my time. Sometimes having too much time is almost as bad as not having enough.

    Tossing It Out
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