Saturday, April 16, 2011

"N" Is For Nasty Nor'easter

April has been ugly around here.  We were blessed with two beautiful days, though they turned out to be nothing more than a tease.  After our brutal winter, I am more than ready for clear skies and warm temperatures.  Lately, every day has been a different season, which is murder to those of us with seasonal allergies.  And I'm rather tired of living inside a black and white movie.

Weather affects my mood.  I'm an outdoors kind of guy and I hate when that privilege is taken from me for an extended period of time.  My best work takes place after breathing in fresh air.  When I get stuck in a scene, I need to be able to take a walk - or a drive with my windows down and the music off.  It clears my head.

Ongoing rain puts me in a funk; it sucks out my creativity and diminishes my motivation.  The sound hinders my concentration.  I avoid leaving the house if possible.  And, if I can actually bring myself to crank out a few words, anxiety controls the session.  In my neighborhood, the power fails every time someone sneezes.  So, even writing during a mild shower forces me to break character and save my work after just about every sentence.  Believe me, weather has claimed more than it's fair share of words from my manuscript.

Unfortunately, weather is not something I can control.  So, I have two choices: sit and complain or suck it up and write.  Most days, I choose the latter, but I can objectively recognize my work is not the same.  To many, it sounds silly - how can weather impact our writing?  But, I suspect every writer has a quark or two that leach onto our mood and knock us off our A-game.

What factors affect your writing?  How do you overcome those barriers?


  1. Paul, I also hate the cold and the rain, which is one of the reasons I quit England. Here in Malaysia every day is stunningly hot and we've had a fantastic April. We even have 40 degrees C Christmases!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. I am decidedly an indoor type of guy, so if the weather keeps me trapped in my house, I'm good with that. Although in the heat of the summer, not even the AC can keep up with the draining humidity. That usually drains me as well.

  3. I love to write on wet and rainy days except when those days are the weekend. All weekends should be sunny and warm ;)
    The biggest factors that affect my writing are distractions and self-doubt.
    PS, thanks HEAPS for voting for my blog in the Aussie People's Choice Award. I really appreciate it.

  4. Well, it snowed yesterday up here in Minnesota. So in a weather that sucks competition I automatically win. ;)

    Write about rainy days on rainy days. You will need that rain scene in something eventually.

    -Fellow a to zee-er and bad weather hater...


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