Monday, April 25, 2011

"T" Is For Top Ten Ticks

If you're like me, your 'ticks' are always changing.  Here are ten that have me irritated at the moment:

1.  Bad Teachers: In 2011, there is no excuse.  Thousands of qualified applicants are available and willing to work.  Continuing to protect bad teachers is asinine.  You can read more of my thoughts on this topic by clicking here. (I blogged about this topic in detail back in November).

2.  Haters: Humans have the right to think whatever they want.  Nobody can control this, nor are we entitled to do so.  However, disagreeing with the choice one makes does not grant you the right to spread negativity to those pursuing a dream.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Know your place.  

3.  Salesmen:  If I want your product, I know how to find it.  Do not track me down.  Do not tell me about the "one day only deal" I will miss if I don't "sign up right now."  Do not tell me about the discounts you can offer - I know all about the 'sliding scale' used to make a sale.  I worked in an office that pulled all that crap - you can't fool me.  And if I tell you I'm not interested, I'm not interested.  Whining, nagging, and begging will not change my mind (I hope the personal trainers at my gym read this).

4:  Politics: Instead of focusing on your own agenda, you make fun of the members of the opposing party.  You don't recognize there is no right answer (isn't that why we call them political beliefs)?  Anyone who disagrees with you is a schmuck.  Everyone you disagree with is a retard.  Anyone who votes against you is ignorant.  Campaigning has become a bantering soap opera.  But more than anything else, I can't stand when people tell me my opinion is wrong.  Excuse me?!  How can an opinion be WRONG?!

5.  Bullies: As a teacher, I can't tell you how many times I wanted to grab a kid by the collar and ask who the ______ they thought they were.  Of course, we can't do that; we must do everything in our power to ensure an accused bully is as comfortable as possible during the interrogation process.  You know, because they extend the same courtesy to their victims:  Hey ____er!  I'm almost done beating the crap out of you, but in the meantime, can I get you a pillow for your back or a cup for your groin?

6.  Reality Shows and Stars: The United States is facing the worst recession in history.  Yet, the cast of Jersey Shore is paid $100K per episode, raking in $1.3 million per season.  And for what?  Substance?  Higher order thinking skills?  Promoting education and hard work?  Why it's all of the above, of course!  That must be why Snooki was recently paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University.  How many of you know someone who didn't earn $32,000 in 2010?

7.  Crying Babies in Bookstores: Bookstores are quiet environments where people read, work, and study.  If your toddler begins to pitch a fit, kindly escort them to the parking lot instead of allowing them to disrupt the rest of the customers and give us mild tinnitus.  If the manager asks you politely to remove your child from the store, don't cop an attitude.  Had you done it on your own, he wouldn't be asking.  It's nothing personal; if I hear them crying at the park, I'll never complain.

8.  Alarm Clocks: Does this need further explanation?  Anyone not agree?

9.  Crappy Friends: My friend is a musician.  Recently, we were discussing the importance of friends supporting each other.  He mentioned that an extremely close friend of his would not 'like' his facebook page.  Pretty obnoxious, no?  It's not like it costs anything - or takes more than a second to click on.  Dear friends, it means a lot when you support us.  It means more when your support is unsolicited.  

10.  Greedy Unions: This issue has made the news every night for two years.  Yes, I was once part of a union (though aside from collecting $865/year, they never did much for me).  It's 2011.  Times are tough.  Suck it up, pitch in a few bucks for benefits, and call it a day.  You are painting a horrible image in the eyes of the public.  I promise, regardless of how unfair you find it, or how much better you think you deserve, the alternative is worse.  The next time you picket, I'll be across the street holding a sign that says: I will work for the CURRENT contract.  Contributing $125/year for quality healthcare sounds absolutely delightful.

What makes you tick these days?


  1. My heart shivers at the very polite citizen who has quite possibly thrown caution to the wind of time management; who serenades us with both the blowing of horn and the screech of his voice; simply to request in an unpleasant tone that the person taking his drive-thru order drop everything for him. And then, if that were not truly enough, the man berates the restaurant staff in an air of arrogance which transcends the mantra of "I'm better than you."

    I also hate long paragraphs.

  2. Good post! I am definitely with you on politics, crying babies in bookstores, and reality stars.

  3. I think I have to agree with you!
    Oh, and people on cell phones talking or texting while driving. Mythbusters proved it's more dangerous than driving drunk, people!

  4. Hmm. I would agree on everything except unions. Although you said greedy unions, so I guess I would agree on that too.

    The IATSE local 15 that I used to be in was a great union, but I suppose it's like anything else in that it comes down to the people who run it.

  5. Great post here. I am not a fan of 3 or 6, they really get on my nerves. You really went all out. So, show me how to set up my blog, using pictures I pick, eh? Anyway, great post again. Looking forward to your guest post.

    Draven Ames

  6. Now, tell us how you really feel... LOL. Great post!

  7. My pet peeve is people who are extra-friendly in person, and then bitch about you behind your back.

    With you on the bawling kid thing---kids Will bawl once in a while--but not in libraries, movie halls and yes, bookstores.

  8. I'll just give you two of mind:
    1. Complainers/Negativity (I have several at work)

    2. Cell phone usage (do you really have to talk on it while using the toilet? Come on people!). Sorry if I've offended any toilet-talkers out there, but it's just WRONG!

    The Write Soil

  9. Jeff - I feel your pain. I never worked in a drive-through window, but I did spend a number of years as a concession stand worker at a movie theater. People would come in after the previews started, and then cop an attitude with us for not shrinking the line faster. And considering you hate long paragraphs, I find it impressive you continue to read my blog. :)

    NiaRaie - I'm usually ridiculed for not dealing with the crying babies. I'm glad you agree - I mean, it's a BOOKSTORE. Go cry at Chuck E. Cheese's.

    Duncan - Yes!!! Especially if they haven't called or given some sort of warning. At least if I know about it, I can try and get something done in the meantime. I had a friend who would always be at least 30 minutes late to EVERYTHING. But, one time she showed up for dinner as we were paying the bill. Best way to learn a lesson!

    Alex - Great addition! I can't believe I forgot that one.

    Matt - The leadership is the key. Unions can't be run by those with a personal agenda. That is why we have so many settlement disputes in my area. Districts have been negotiating for two years now.

    Draven - Thanks! Always appreciate your feedback.

    C. - Thanks for stopping in. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Damyanti - Yes, the crying baby rule is most definitely extended to libraries, movie theaters, concert halls - and anywhere it should be quiet.

    Dawn - Negativity is such a downer. That's why I withdrew myself from so many situations where people don't understand the writing journey. And a great point about cell phone usage. I'd have to agree with that.


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