Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"V" Is For Vision

As a writer, I begin each project with a clear vision in mind.  My current W.I.P. began with a concept; I wanted to explore a contemporary issue, and have designed my novel around that topic.  My knowledge of the characters, setting, and plot line was limited.  It took months of researching and experimenting before the story unfolded.  Throughout the creative process, the story has taken many twists and turns.  Characters have been scrapped; chapters have been rewritten.  But, the vision I had in the beginning is still alive today.

I started this project in hopes of producing an engaging story to teach a topic I am most passionate about.  If readers walk away with an understanding of the protagonist's perspective - if they are able to empathize with his situation and use their new knowledge to reflect and evaluate their own decisions - then I have done my job.  This book is being written to spread awareness - to get people talking about a contemporary issue that continues to plague teenagers around the globe.  And because the problem continues to grow and adapt with cultural changes, there is a need for new literature that takes the latest trends into consideration.

There are numerous visions that bring writers to begin a project.  Where some of us begin with a character, others begin with an idea or topic they wish to explore.  I know writers who begin with a title, and others who begin with that first sentence.  Some of us even sit before a blank page and wait to see where the words take us.

Where have some of your visions began?


  1. It`s exciting when a vision takes hold. I guess we all get many of them, but when one really takes root in the mind and you realise that it`s something you have to write, well, it`s a powerful feeling.

    I think they can come from anywhere, but I tend to get them when I`m walking somewhere, alone, like to work on a quiet morning, and a hitherto unformed idea suddenly develops further than I ever expected it to. I`ve written many books in my head walking down long and empty roads.

  2. My vision for my first novel suddenly came whilst I was travelling back to Kuantan from Kuala Lumpur. We had pulled over just after a toll for a rest at the side of the road - and then boom! - an entire vision for a novel materialised in my head! I scrambled for some paper to scribble it all down. I ended up writing a whole chapter where the novel begins.

    I'm still struggling for a title though, even 4 years on!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  3. My vision began when I was young and hooked on science fiction movies and TV shows. Just wanted to tell a good story, one people would remember.

  4. Luke - That sounds like a great place to get them - and much safer than when I get them while driving and attempt to scribble them down while steering the car (no worries - I now pull over!) I seem to get a lot while trying to fall asleep, also.

    Duncan - I think traveling is a great way to unleash creativity. Being surrounded by something different - something we haven't seen or experienced before, or something that is not our "norm", can be very inspiring.

    Alex - Great point; when our stories are remembered, our vision was successful. And I think TV can be a great source of inspiration.

    Angela - Good luck bringing them to life!

  5. A lot of my ideas start with the Bible. Truth, wisdom, poetry, characters, conflict--the Bible has it all. As I read it, I jot down phrases that spark ideas.


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