Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Checking In, Plus Announcements

Greetings, friends!  Everyone staying cool?  Good, because according to the iPhone, tomorrow will be worse!

I don't have a formal post planned; more so, I just wanted to check in.  For the past two weeks, I've been fully immersed in revisions, a process I love and hate simultaneously.  I mean, it's pretty dang overwhelming!

I'm following a consistent schedule for the summer, one that provides uninterrupted revision time that begins first thing in the morning.  For me, it seems best to wake up refreshed and dive  in before I have time to get distracted (or annoyed).  I'm also editing in layers, so knowing how long the path in front of me is keeps me focused on the task at hand.  Of course, it also limits the hours I spend on blogger.

I will still make an effort to post as much as possible, but it will probably be less frequent over the next few weeks.  Blogging is one of the things on my evening schedule, though I'm learning that many hours of revisions cuts my evenings short.  I'm passed out much earlier these days, and during the time I'm awake, the last thing I feel like doing is coming up with a profound (ha!) post.  At that point, I'm sort of over writing for the day.

I will say today was rough.  I woke up in a good mood; I even treated myself to breakfast at the diner in honor of the excessive heatwave passing through the area.  Unfortunately, it was a bad day for many of my teacher friends, as over 3,000 layoff notices were issued in the city this week.  It sort of bummed me out.  I've been there; as much as I want to be supportive, there is nothing I can say.  Where are 3,000+ people going to find work?  So my mood dropped below zero quickly.  I tried to revise, but my thoughts kept wandering.  And when they didn't wander, I didn't like anything I was doing.  I'm calling today a wash.  Tomorrow will be better.  It HAS to be better.

In the meantime, I've composed a list of announcements for you to check out.  Or, ya know, don't check them out; that's cool too.  Meanie!


1.  If you have not yet checked out my review of The Great Lenore, you can do so here.  Commenting on the post enters you in my final giveaway for a free copy of Jordan's book - and it's a book you most definitely want to read this summer.  The deadline to enter is June 14 - so you still have plenty of time.  I'll announce the winner on June 15, the day The Great Lenore is released in bookstores.

2.  J.M. Tohline is hosting a contest to name a character in his new book Blue The Person.  Further details can be found here; the person who suggests the name chosen by the author will receive a free signed copy of The Great Lenore.  The winner will also receive a book of his or her choice, within reason, that the author will buy and ship to you.  Oh, and you will also be able to tell people you named a character in a book, which is pretty much one of the coolest things ever.

3.  Please join me in congratulating friend and fellow writer Michele Shaw, aka @veertothewrite, who recently landed a literary agent for her YA Romantic Suspense novel.  Michele has been on this road far longer than I have been, and I'm thrilled she is moving forward in the publication process.  Best of luck in the upcoming stages, Michele!

4.  Friend and colleague Draven Ames is participating in a writing contest with Cemetery Dance Publications.  Should you get a chance, hop over and check out his story, Monotonoushere.  If you like it, help my buddy out and vote for his story.  Draven's had a lot of success with online publication this year.  Remember his name, folks.

5.  Just recently, I met a young writer named Michael Guarneiri via Twitter.  Michael's awesome; if you haven't been introduced, you should tweet him hello.  Michael is partaking in an online fable contest.  The top ten stories go through to Paolo Coelho.  You can view his entry here.  If you like it, consider honoring him with another vote.


  1. Thank you, Paul! I really appreciate the shout out and your continued support. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. You are awesome!

  2. Thank you as well, Paul. I didn't know about Michele! That is so cool. Congratulations Michele. Let us know when your book is out.

    I hope some people will come read the stories. Cemetery Dance is huge to me, because that is where Stephen King gets published at. They have some great writers. Please check out the stories, if you have a chance.

    All of you can make a difference to whatever author you vote for. I hope you like mine, but I am biased.

    Also, I'm glad that you are doing okay today and that you posted something. I know what it means to be busy. I hope that you don't get anymore pink slips in the area. Laying off all of our teachers is not the answer.

    I'll check out that story, too. Thanks for the details.

    Draven Ames

  3. You did well to come up with another post that yet again, I read the whole way through!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. The writing has to come first. Well, that is, at least it has to come before the blogging, not necessarily before the day job.

  5. That's a lot of layoffs! I can think of better places to trim the budget. Keep at the revisions, Paul!


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