Monday, August 29, 2011

Dude; Paul! Where've Ya Been, Buddy?

It's been over a week since I posted.  Life has been busy (a concept I'm not that familiar with), and honestly, I haven't had much to say.  I'm in an editing funk; I've been struggling to move forward.  When I'm unable to progress at a pace I find acceptable, I tend to hide from blogger.  I feel I don't belong.

A number of variables diverted my attention from the W.I.P.  The summer has kept me longing for a deep breath.  Seeking employment is a full-time job; it drains my energy, and when I quit for the day, little stamina remains for anything productive.  I've read fewer books than ever before.  I've skipped the gym more than I normally would.  I've slept in because I don't feel like uploading resumes.  And I've dog-paddled around the manuscript because I can't plow through the water.  It's a bit cold for my liking right now.

Regardless, the summer yielded memorable experiences - moments now filed in the archives in hopes of producing inspiration.  And although my production has been disappointing (I think it started when Borders closed shop and I lost my writing home), I have kept myself occupied with some once in a lifetime experiences.

  • My grandfather turned 100.  I traveled to Brooklyn for his celebratory luncheon, and this year, was introduced to relatives for the first time.  I don't have a large family; I never met my paternal grandmother, mom is an only child, and dad had one brother who passed away when I was in college.  I never had an Aunt or cousin, so extended family is all I know.  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet these people; although decades separate us in age, it's amazing how we get along. 

  • In 1996, I attempted a family tree project.  Unfortunately, lightening struck the house and fried the computer, deleting my efforts saved to that hard drive.  My grandfather's birthday motivated me to dig out the letters from my great aunts and uncles (I kept them knowing this was the only link to my heritage).  I'm enjoying the chance to read through the information - tracing my roots to Italy and relearning the story of how we arrived in the United States.  And, thanks to social media, I'm able to look up the extended relatives I've never met.  It's nice to have a face associated with the name.

  • My brother got married.  It was a fun weekend that got me away for a few days.  I had not been away in nearly two years, so it was much exactly what I needed. 

  • I turned 28.  I could list 28 reasons I'm not happy with this number, but I'll spare you.  I'll just say life moves incredibly fast; and I'm aware I don't take time to appreciate the journey.  My birthday is less meaningful each year.  I used to get excited for presents and parties.  Now, I look forward to hearing from people and taking the day to relax.  I don't need a big celebration or a crazy night out.  I'm happy with my favorite dinner, a sinful dessert, and a small gathering with close friends.  I guess it was the perfect day.

  • Mother Nature has been cranky.  An earthquake, tornado, and hurricane - all in one week.  Somebody buy her a drink, would ya?  (Though, kidding aside, I'm thankful to report we survived with no damage or inconveniences - and my local blogger friends seem to be in the same boat.  We didn't even lose power.) 

With summer winding down, I am planning to turn my attention back to the W.I.P.  And find a flexible job that allows me to write on the side.  And find a new writing den that provided the inspiration and encouragement Borders once did.

Oh, and the reigning champion is enthusiastically awaiting his fantasy draft next Monday.  Any recommendations?  Leave them below!

I'm also excited to participate in the Worst Movies Ever Blogfest on September 19.  If you are interested in joining us, you can sign up here.

Finally, I will be drawing a winner to receive ten new MG/YA novels to be donated to a classroom teacher.  The giveaway ends Wednesday at midnight, so click here to enter.

What's new with everyone??


  1. Taking a break from the WIP is fine, but if you think I'm gonna let you give up on being a writer, you have another thing coming. Your anti-bullying message is too important to give up now.

    I've spent the summer also revising, watching Big Brother 13, and just supporting all of my writer friends whenever they need the pick-me-up. That's how I roll.

  2. Now, you know you're gonna get guff for complaining about being 28, right? 28!!! Dude! I would kill for that! But, I remember clearly how phases and changes occur in the 20's that always have you guessing and trying to figure things out. In some ways, that never changes. As for writing, the ups and downs are part of the deal. You'll get back on track. I have no doubt. Actually, that's an order...I want to read it!! I hope you find a job soon! Best wishes, friend:)

  3. Then it's time to renew, Paul!
    Glad you found the letters in time for your grandfather's birthday. One hundred is impressive.
    Thanks for the mention of my blogfest. I launched the Insecure Writer's Support Group last week as well. And joined a Campaign. I think I'm suicidal...

  4. Welcome back, my Friend, welcome back.

    I love genealogy. You are blessed to have your family.

    Great to see you and it sounds like you have a lot on your plate.
    Beats an empty one, ay?


  5. Welcome back! I'm back as well this week. Like you, when I'm in a rut I don't usually blog. But, this time it is because Irene decided to strand me in Punta Cana. I too had a birthday this summer (although I won't say how old I am...) and actually forgot it was my birthday until my brother called me. I have a friend who is researching her genealogy too and has found out a ton--she started a blog about it and even found herself in some newspaper regarding her search.

    Good luck with the job hunt and the WIP. I'm finally on my last leg of revising (or so I'm hoping!).

  6. Jeff: Obviously, you know I've been investing a decent chunk of time on BB13 myself. It has, however, inspired a post. I'll probably write it the week of the season finale.

    Michele: Fair enough. It's not so much the number that bothers me - it's being out of HS for ten years, but feeling like only four have passed. I entered my twenties with a bang, then fell behind year after year as my field continued falling to pieces. It's too bad we can't get the years back when things get better, huh?

    Alex: My pleasure. I'm looking forward to the blogfest. I also plan on participating in the support group series. I bookmarked the directions!!

    Tym: It is such a cool thing to study. I do have a lot on my plate. I also have a lot in my head that I'm trying to sort through so it reads smoothly on the page. This editing thing is something else.

    Kelly: I'm glad you got home safely without complications from Mother Nature. I love how the bulk of PLN consists of people with summer birthdays. Maybe that means something. Hopefully something good!


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