Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stress Relievers That Don't Cause Cancer

Facebook gave me some good laughs recently.  And a few Amen moments.  Here are my favorites from the past week:

This last picture is mine.  It's the very cup I was handed yesterday.  Really, Starbucks?

  • Andrew Smith's STICK is in bookstores today.  VOYA praised it for being a "dark, painful, but ultimately hopeful, this is not a book for everyone, but in the right reader’s hands, it will be treasured.”  Topics addressed include bullying, homelessness, hard drugs, and sexual abuse.  I'm beyond pumped to get my hands on a copy.
  • Matthew MacNish and Alex Cavanaugh are co-hosting the Pay It Forward Blogfest this Friday. It's a great opportunity to network with other writers online.
  • My fantasy football team is now 3-2, dropping me to fourth place in the league.  Don't even want to talk about it.
  • I miss Borders. 
  • Editing makes me want to drink gasoline before swallowing a lit match.  Its not been a warm and fuzzy week over here.
The song I've been writing to most (it looped for six hours yesterday):

Happy Tuesday, friends! 


  1. Give Moses an iPad, and the Ten Commandments might just go viral...

  2. Those were great! I liked the one about saying the Pledge.
    Thanks for mentioning Pay it Forward.
    And my fantasy team isn't doing any better.

  3. I'm a teacher so I deal with kids who don't want to stand for the pledge.
    I miss Borders and I love the song but 6 hours. I thought I had some rough editing days. LOL

  4. Thanks for the smiles, Paul (though the SP song kind of put a bit o kill on the buzz :)

  5. Love love love this! From the comics to the Snow Patrol! ^_^

    Have a great week my friend and fellow Borders griever ^_^

  6. I've been enjoying the recent facebook craze of sharing funny, uplifting and powerful messages like these! (Though i'm not sure if it really is a 'craze', i'm just noticing a lot more lately ...)

  7. I've seen almost all of the funnies lately and they made me laugh. I'm glad to see that you are sharing them a bit. I've noticed it has been going around lately, hasn't it? Anyway, good video, too. Also, I'm part of that blogfest. It looks like a lot of fun.

    As a side project, could I get you to write a short, 500-1500 word story for my blog? Something scary? I'd be interested in anyone else who wants to contribute, but I'd love to see what you could do. Let me know.


  8. Second picture is the coolest! I really need that kind of muse :D

  9. I love these - too hard to pick a favourite :-)

  10. Haha, thanks for the fun laughs. :o) And aw! good luck with the edits! Hang in there. You're turning your story into something better, and that's not easy!

  11. Great, most of these are hilarious.
    Thank You.

  12. I'm having the worst fantasy season in the history of football. The real season isn't going much better.

    Thanks for the shout.


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