Thursday, November 17, 2011


A good friend e-mailed this video yesterday.  I found it both accurate and powerful, so I wanted to share its message.  Please be advised the clip contains language some may find offensive; however, the words are, in my opinion, needed to convey the issue realistically.

This is one of the most moving pieces I've found on the issue.  Please take a second to watch.


In other news, be sure to visit the blog of Author K.M. Walton who reveals "something big" today.  I know nothing about it, though I'm sure it relates to the upcoming launch of CRACKED (1/3/12).

Oh, and fantasy football needs to not exist.  Ever again.  That's all.


  1. I couldn't get on the link. I've been having big issues with you tube and embedding. I don't know why. I can't wait to hear Kate's big thing. She's been killing me.

  2. I'm with Christine. Is something missing from the code?

  3. No video showing, just the code. Watched it yesterday though. Powerful.

  4. Yeah, I posted it on my blog too. So touching video. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sorry, everyone. I fixed the link!

  6. Wow. That was powerful. I even got a bit weepy. The things teens/people have to put up with! I have a bit of bullying in my YA novel (overweight MC). Thanks for the link and awareness.

  7. So powerful. Keep up the good work on this important topic. I wish it wasn't needed.


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