Friday, December 30, 2011

Eleven Exciting Experiences From Twenty-Eleven

Today I'm acting out of character and reflecting on positive memories from the past year.  It's not easy for everyone to silence the negatives, but it's definitely a healthier road to take.  These are some moments I was happy to live through this year.

1.  Losing 35 pounds.

2.  Watching the Kentucky Wildcats make the NCAA final four.

3.  Completing my first draft of REJECTED.

4.  My Tweet-up with LK Gardner-Griffie.

5.  My brother's wedding weekend.

6.  Meeting the locals through Philly Lit Night (check out their links on my sidebar).

7.  Reading JM Tohline's THE GREAT LENORE.

8.  Grandpa's 100th birthday party.

9.  Meeting Matt Blackstone (A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE).

10.  Discovering the appeal of Big Brother.

11.  Scoring over 200 points (twice) in a fantasy football match-up.  Sigh; my team had so much potential.

What were your highlights in 2011?


  1. There you go - some good things did happen this year! Hanging out with Simon and the gang must be wild.
    My highlights included the acceptance of my second book and seeing the first one hit the Amazon Best Seller list.
    However, my fantasy team never even sniffed two hundred points...

  2. You have had a GREAT year. Congrats on everything and good luck in 2012.

  3. All great things, but SO awesome on the 35 pounds! That is a huge amount of weight and far from easy to do! Yay! First draft finished? Woohoo! Hit me up if you need a beta! (I have references:) )

  4. I haven't read any blogs in ages, so I raced right over here to catch up on yours first. Oh, don't tell anyone else that, though. ;)

    Great stuff, Paul! I'll join you in celebrating #6!

    (Also, I just wept like a baby at that video from XFactor on one of your previous posts. GEEZ.)


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