Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twenty Goals For Twenty-Twelve

Today's post was inspired by my buddy Ben who blogs over at Dead End Follies.

Twenty Goals for 2012:

1.  Finish the second draft - and write the third - of my first YA Contemporary.

2.  Write and send my first query letter.

3.  Spend more time with people.

4.  Read more books.

5.  Lower my cholesterol to a level that doesn't result in being mailed pamphlets from the American Heart Association.

6.  Make new friends.

7.  Blog more (and better).

8.  Try new restaurants (but keep the weight off - those 35 pounds are not coming back!)

9.  Lay on a beach.

10.  Get out of retail.

11.  Draft a fantasy team that makes the playoffs.

12.  Accept the past; lose my bitterness.

13.  Kill this depression.  Beat my anxiety.

14.  Meet more writing friends in person.

15.  Celebrate my birthday.

16.  Spend time at my alma mater.  It's a great place to reflect and rejuvenate.

17.  Figure out my career path.

18.  Practice a variety of relaxation methods.  Sleep better.

19.  See a concert.

20.  Give back; make a difference.

What are your goals for the new year?


  1. I'm with you on number eleven! My team was awful this year.
    My goal is to complete my third book by June.

  2. I was trying to make a list, but got bogged down after

    1. Drink coffee

    Your list is much better. But, on the bright side, the coffee is very good.

  3. Some of these will be a lot easier than others. I wish you luck.

  4. These are ALL great, Paul, and congrats on the 35 lbs! That's at the top of MY list. But I particularly urge you to stick to # 2!!! Best of luck in everything you do in 2012 and beyond and thanks for all your support this year...

  5. I wish you lots of luck for 2012 Paul. I have a feeling that this is THE year for us aspiring authors

  6. Hey, Paul!

    Happy belated Christmas, buddy!

    I'm with you on all points except numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 13 and 18. Giving back is so important and I think connecting with the friends you've met blogging is a FANTASTIC idea. Count me in.

    In 2012 I want to finish my new YA Fantasy Romance before March, revise it, rewrite it, revise it and hopefully shop it to agents. And get one, who knows! ^_^

    I'd also like to eat more vegetables and cut out the snacks. I gained ten pounds over the holidays but you can't see an ounce on me. Where did it go? Dude, it went to my arse! I can give Kim Kardashian's booty competition!!! o_o

    And on that embarrassing note, I'm gonna wish you all the best this new year, and I'll see you and all my blogger friends in 2012!


  7. Hey there - I got to your post via the A to Z Challenge stuff - Think I might try that in April. I like your style. I wrote a post yesterday entitled "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" but that was just a ruse to get people to read the FIFTY things I want to do in 2012...... it was fun and I really meant all of them. I think it's cool that you are from Kentucky. I would like to visit that state someday. I also am a forever student, though I do actually work at a middle school. I will never finish learning stuff.
    Good luck on your YA book. Kids need good reading material. ANd I am SOOOO with you on #9 - but it has to be a warm beach. NorCal beaches are NOT warm at this time of the year....

  8. Happy New Year Paul! Good luck with your goals.


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