Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well Look Who Decided To Blog, Folks!

Greetings, friends.  Yes, I'm still here.  Busier than ever, but here.

I'm spending hours each day in the revision cave.  Draft two is winding down, and I'm looking forward to starting the third.  I anticipate this being my last draft before sending it out for feedback.  I'm also anticipating it goes faster than the previous two.  I hope so, anyway.

Basketball is the sole distraction I allow at the moment (well, except for Scramble With Friends, of course).  This Saturday, my Kentucky Wildcats meet the Louisville Cardinals in the final four.  For those who don't know, this is one of the most significant games in NCAA history.  These schools multiply rivalry to the power of infinity.  It would be like the Eagles and Steelers meeting at the Superbowl.  Or Jesus and Lucifer having dinner at the White House.

Tuesday night, I signed up to sponsor a young boy in Uganda.  His name is Ashraf.  He's six.  He likes playing soccer and helping his family by fetching water.  My sponsorship gives Ashraf, among other things, the gift of education.  At Ashraf's school, students learn to boil water before drinking it.  They learn about AIDS and how it spreads through the village.  They pass this knowledge to illiterate relatives.  Their culture advances one person at a time

It lifts my spirits knowing I can help a child thrive outside the parameters of my former classroom.  This sponsorship is my first.  It's also the first thing I've done that makes me feel active - over the last few years, anyway.  It should be a rewarding experience.

I'm pumped for summer.  I'm ready for shorts, pools, and hot weather.  Appetizers on the patio and driving with the windows down.  Late nights and early mornings are never a problem this time of year.

This picture made me laugh:

I revised to this song yesterday:

And now it's back to the grind, folks.  I'm so ready to query.  If only the manuscript felt the same.  We're never on the same page these days.  Hmm.

Talk to y'all soon (like how I threw a little KY in there?  It's good luck, I promise).


  1. Replies
    1. I'm hurt, Brian. But I'll forgive you on account of them not being Duke.

  2. Hey Paul! Good to hear the revisions are moving along. Really nice you can sponsor that young man. And yes, as gas is about to hit $4 here, it definitely wins.

    1. Gas is out of control. Again. It always skyrockets in time for summer traveling.

  3. I love that song. Good for you sponsoring a child in need. There are so many children that need so much help.
    I know nothing about basketball so I can't comment on that.
    Best of luck on your revisions. I finally queried. I'm not expecting much. I'm ready to tackle my next project (maybe that will be the one if the other one goes no where).
    Missed you at book club. :)

  4. Man. It seems like I haven't been here in forever. Glad to be back.

  5. Hi Paul, I had been wondering if you had left the planet or something! Welcome back!

  6. Glad to know you're still alive! And I just started supporting a boy in Thailand, Sahaparp, and feel much the same as you.

  7. I'm sorry, I know nothing about basketball. Is being English a good enough excuse?

  8. How great you're doing the sponsorship! Sweet. :)

    I love that Gotye song, although I admit I first heard it sung by Walk Off The Earth as a cover (LOVE their video--have you seen it on youtube? FIVE people playing one guitar. Way cool. A very emotional song.)

  9. Dude, it's like you've been living my life (or, have I been living yours?) Aside from the fact that I haven't picked out *where* I'll sponsor a child, I've been researching sponsoring a child through World Vision; I've been busy revising my draft; AND the hubs has made me watch that Gotye video a couple times. Kind of unreal ;)

    Good luck on the third pass of your draft!


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