Monday, December 10, 2012

Things I Dislike

Oh, Monday, will we ever get along? You are so far from Friday, and yet Friday is so close to Monday.

As a follow-up from Friday, here's a list of things I strongly dislike, in no particular order. Just for fun.

  1. Turnips
  2. Political banter
  3. Public speaking
  4. The common cold
  5. Flying
  6. The number thirteen
  7. Germs
  8. Seniority
  9. Spambots
  10. Traffic 
  11. Losing
  12. The Jersey Shore
  13. Celebrity "authors"
  14. Ironing
  15. Literature reviews
  16. Back to school night
  17. Early mornings
  18. Beans
  19. Uncomfortable shoes
  20. Not finding a parking space
  21. Tori Spelling
  22. Bullying
  23. Snakes
  24. Taking standardized tests
  25. Biting my cheek
  26. Zits
  27. Nepotism
  28. Ke$ha
  29. Salespeople/telemarketers/scams
  30. Wind chimes
  31. Nikki Minaj
  32. ATM fees
  33. Burning the roof of my mouth
  34. Mosquito bites
  35. Commercials
  36. Freezing
  37. When my coffee cup is empty
  38. Avocados
  39. Being judged
  40. Chipping a tooth
  41. Tequila
  42. Furloughs/layoffs/demotions
  43. Borders permanently closing
  44. Rainy days
  45. Water chestnuts
  46. Arrogance
  47. Roller coasters
  48. Theft
  49. When my ears ring
  50. Road rage
  51. Impatience
  52. Not being able to sleep
  53. Animal abuse
  54. Peas
  55. Having to go to bed before I'm ready
  56. Five-day workweeks
  57. Disrespect towards the elderly
  58. Incompetence
  59. The unknown
  60. When my beliefs or opinions are mocked by someone else
What's your number one dislike?


  1. It's been good reading these lists. I hate being late. We should make some sort of blog hop event with these 'likes' and 'dislikes' lists!

  2. Cigarette smoking, particularly by singers and musicians. I was recently singing with some people for a Christmas concert and this woman next to me reeked of smoke and her breath was disgusting. Then she complained about when people wore perfume to a concert. Sorry, the smell of cigarettes is much nastier to me.

  3. And I agree with most of your list, especially Ke$ha!!

  4. I like your dislike list (see what I did there). ;)


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