Friday, August 31, 2012

Twelve Retail Customers I Miss Less Than Chicken Pox

I left my retail job. More on that next week, but I LEFT MY RETAIL JOB! It was a miserable, depressing, aggravating, irritable, moody, cranky ten months, but it's okay. Why? Because I LEFT MY GOD-AWFUL RETAIL JOB!!!

I joined the retail field last October. It was a conscious decision - one made entirely sober and in a coherent state of mind. My plan was simple: take a job that was close, easy, and flexible. A job that didn't require work to come home. A mind-numbing, effortless job to hold me over while I finished the manuscript. And it sort of worked out that way. But it also sort of didn't. And I'm extremely grateful it's over.

Like every life experience, I was able to learn and grow. I met incredible people - both co-workers and customers, who inadvertently impacted my life. Their mark has been made; their knowledge was shared and their inspiration absorbed. For that I am grateful. But retail is not for me. It was there while I needed it, but I don't need it anymore.

After finishing my manuscript, I got a bothersome itch - an itch first felt seven years ago, when I was graduating from college and preparing to enter the work force. My break was over. I'm not a retail associate. I'm an educator. A licensed educator with credentials and qualifications to educate. I have the opportunity to make a difference. If I didn't pursue my opportunities, I would deprive myself of the future I planned for. It was time to go back to work.

So, I'm excited to announce my return to public education. I took a middle school position and return to the classroom next week. A lot went into this decision, but I believe it was necessary. I'm returning with a new perspective. I'm returning as a new person. I worked hard for my career. And although it didn't go as planned, I'm not warming a bench. I needed to step back and take time to regroup. I needed to rediscover my professional goals. I needed to make decisions for my future. Now, I start over. A new position in a new district. A new community to serve and new students to meet. A new place to call home. 

These last three days were spent in professional development, and I have to say, it felt right being back. It felt right being in a professional setting again - to have a new opportunity to utilize my background and skills; to be tackling a new challenge. I'm excited. I'm nervous. And I'm ready. Because this is what I do, and this is where I'm supposed to do it.

For fun, I leave you with a photographic compilation of my time in retail. Have a great weekend, and a great holiday.

Twelve Retail Customers I'll Miss Less Than Chicken Pox

Excuse me, sir. May I try all these on in 7, 7 1/2, and 8? In black and brown? 
And bring wides if you have them.

I'm gonna pass. I'll leave them here for you.

Hi, I need to return these. They just aren't comfortable.

I know my credit card is in here somewhere.

Can you poke around and tell me if they'll stretch?

Sweetheart, would you be a dear and help me put some peds on?

Hello? Hi. You can ring me up as soon as I finish my phone call.

Would you please measure my little angel?

Do I get a discount since I broke it?

Ya got these in a size 12?

These are all about seven years old. Would you be a doll and honor them?

Can you ring these all separate?