Friday, November 14, 2014

For Tramp

For though your candle has now burned out, your flame will always glow
The love you poured into my heart will never stop to flow
In my darkest times you shared your light and let me feel your love
In my coldest times you warmed my soul, shielding me like a glove

Today is a pain I've never felt, the most heartbreaking of my years
For you consoled me in my darkness, keeping me from tears
But now tears fall without control, more than I knew I had
And I sit in mourning, cold and alone, asking why this hurts so bad

The emptiness I feel right now I know will one day pass
The memories we shared together I pray shall always last
Cause loneliness gets depressing and silence at times feels vacant
Remembering your spirit and positive energy I hope will heal the aching

We said our goodbyes and you left this world, but you'll never leave my heart
Cause friends we are, and always will be, even now that we're apart
You taught me a bond I never knew, one I never shared before
The greatest dog and greatest friend, the best I could ever ask for.

Goodnight, my boy. Love you always.