About Me

Benvenuto! My name is Paul. I'm a 30-something year old who passes the time typing words in computer documents. Sometimes they make sense. Sometimes they make no sense at all.

I'm currently querying my first YA Contemporary and contemplating ideas for a second manuscript. My dream is to one day be published, but more so, to write the perfect novel. Since the latter is impossible, I'll settle for publication.

I was born in Long Island, NY, but consider Louisville, KY my hometown. I lived there for much of my childhood. You should know I have an unhealthy obsession with the Kentucky Wildcats. You should also know if you snark at Kentucky - or crack jokes about overalls, dental problems, or marrying cousins, I will be offended. I've never owned overalls. I've never had a cavity. And I don't have any cousins to marry. Not one. Sorry to debunk the stereotype.

After a three year hiatus, I returned to my career in public education. Previously, I held positions teaching seventh grade social studies and middle school learning support. I have a BSE in social studies education and my M.Ed. in special education. I graduated with high honors in both situations. That means nothing in the real world, but it's still a cool thing to say.

I'll always be a student at heart. I love learning and partaking in intelligent discussions. I very much respect the ideas and opinions of others, and think it's rude to make fun of ideas and opinions different from your own. Just saying.

I'm an avid reader. I like music and movies, too. Bon Jovi, Coldplay, and Live keep me sane. Journey does a good job, also. I dig crime shows like Law & Order and CSI, especially when I can figure out what happened. It makes me feel smart.

I'm extremely shy, yet love making new friends. I know; it doesn't make sense to me either. You can follow me on twitter, join me on facebook, and visit this blog as often as you'd like. If you comment on my posts, it makes me slightly less cranky than normal.

Should you get the urge to send an e-mail, I'd love to hear from you. I can be reached at pauljosephwrites (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Thanks for visiting.  Don't be a stranger - I like getting to know everyone!